Festival-goers are big fans of the BIC® pocket ashtray


88,000 BIC® pocket ashtrays were distributed at the Vieilles Charrues music festival in France where a record breaking 230,000 music lovers spent three days from July 16th to July 19th.BIC made the most of the festival to communicate an important message: “BIC is giving you this pocket ashtray free of charge - take clean action!” Fourteen stewards wearing BIC® t-shirts distributed the ashtrays around the site.

The Vieilles Charrues music festival is one of the biggest in Europe and this is the second year that BIC was present. Our brand was given even more visibility thanks to a tent decorated with images of the new BIC® lighters Music series. BIC also organized a prize draw with more than 500 different prizes including BIC® lighters from the Music series, BIC® t-shirts and gift sets.

Positive environmental feedback for the campaign: the BIC® ashtray was well received by festival-goers who understood the message behind the campaign. Following last year’s distribution, the festival organizers confirmed that they had found fewer cigarette butts on the floor. Some festival-goers had even kept their ashtray to use it all year round!